How we Work

Our enthusiasm for our customer’s business shows in the way we approach every step of the journey of working with you. We are passionate about what we do, driven by our commitment to deliver outstanding service and results to our clients, regardless if they are approaching us to fill a key role or seek guidance in planning their own career.

Our style is different, and we believe it is better. Our enthusiasm for our clients business and the way we approach our work is done with a deep passion for diversity and excellence.

Diversity is our differentiator

Not only are we committed to diversity and inclusion, we are committed to identifying and selecting the absolute best candidate for the position. We will relentlessly search for the best and brightest professional talent to drive the performance of your business in line with your strategic objectives.

We get your business

The team at Women in Leadership has considerable senior leadership and business management experience, paired with executive search and leadership development experience. With their business acumen, they relate to the challenges that come with managing a business or making the right decision about the next career step.

Relationships to success

Everything begins and ends with relationships. And that includes in business. We want to get to know you, regardless if you are approaching us to fill a position or looking to build or change your personal career. Relationships drive our search process and as your trusted talent advisors, career consultants, executive search partners and professional matchmakers we can successfully facilitate the process of matching exceptional executive talent with business potential.

Strategy and research driven

Your strategic and business objectives determine the scope and scale of our research (and search). As a boutique firm with a highly experienced in-house research team, we are fast, flexible and provide customizable process. We persistently search – locally, nationally or globally – until we can present a solid and truly diverse slate of candidates.

Beyond traditional talent pools

We’ve proven that casting the net beyond the traditional talent pools and recruitment processes finds the greatest and most diverse talent. In market of global competition for that rare, exceptional talent, our approach not only finds the right individual but we’re able to match them to the right organisation.

Assessing – not just locating

Competency-based interviewing, analysis of track records, checking credentials, together with thorough reference checking are all part of our process. In addition we take all shortlisted candidates through a rigorous, objective and reliable psychometric screening and assessment process - conducted by our Masters-qualified and registered business psychologist. This allows you to access information that isn’t easily obtained through traditional recruitment activities, giving you further insight into an individual’s potential ‘fit’ with the role, team, and organisation.

Thorough Onboarding

For an executive, the first few months in a new position are critical. Together, we will discuss and develop an onboarding and integration process for the successful candidate. We will actively coach and support the individual to successfully navigate the organizational waters and culture. In addition, a masters qualified and registered business psychologist will support the executive with a minimum of three coaching sessions to ensure a successful transition.

Transparency and Value

We work on a fully exclusive, retainer basis. Our fees are highly competitive, fixed and all-inclusive, payable only after achieving defined performance milestones. We guarantee the most professional and comprehensive executive search services in the market, one that is unmatched in true value.


We put no limits on our geographical search radius when seeking that unique supertalent.  We feel strongly about the power of building multi-cultural teams to optimize in a global corporate world.

Talent mobility opens huge opportunities when it comes to closing the gender gap. Our experienced advisory services have enabled our clients to harness international talent that was previously out of reach to other recruiters.

In our pursuits to source and recruit the best talent worldwide, we are supported by a team of international researchers, have a rich network of international partners, including highly qualified leadership and HR consultants in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and the United States and the technical expertise to make it happen.

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