Executive Search

Organisations committed to unleashing the power of diversity have very individual requirements and expectations when it comes to the processes and results delivered through recruitment and executive search. This goes hand in hand with the gender differences seen in how individuals approach the planning and building of their careers or in the way they consider or react to new career opportunities. Our bespoke executive search process and talent advisory services specifically address these needs and deliver results.

Organisations committed to unleashing the power of diversity understand that to unearth the real talent, you need to dig deep into a passive, yet captive market. Only then can real success occur.

Strategy Driven Executive Search

We take a fresh approach to executive search and executive recruitment, without compromising on proven methodologies.

Women in Leadership’s Strategy Driven Search is built on a deep understanding of an organisation’s business and leadership objectives, their internal and competitive environment, as well as their business drivers. We harness this knowledge to ensure candidates meet the leadership requirements and can master these challenges and more.

Our process is robust, research driven and delivers far more than just executive profiles or a shortlist of candidates who ‘fit’ a position specification. Our process is bespoke, but always clearly defined in finding, assessing, attracting and engaging that special leader – one who can deliver on your most critical business strategies within your business context.

Strategy Driven Search is a truly partner led, customised process that is delivered by Women in Leadership International consultants, with a proven track record as a business leader.

Talent Intelligence

Diverse talent is hard to find if you continue to use non-diverse hiring tactics. . Building Talent Intelligence – locally, nationally and internationally – is success-critical in gaining access to truly diverse, executive talent pools.

This is what Women in Leadership International do best. We can show you where to find future leaders, specialists – or whole specialist teams – that will propel your organisation forward, and meet your diversity goals.

Along with Talent Intelligence we provide specific market insights to give you the real competitive intelligence to harness the right female talent.

Our process goes far beyond just delivering data, talent maps or feeding your candidate pipeline. Our tailored Talent Intelligence services provides accelerated access to the passive executive and specialist candidate market and a captive talent base.

Most important of all, it will deliver true competitive intelligence to your organization to ensure that you meet your diversity and business performance goals.